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Scientific articles, notes, reports on the results of research in various fields of law, reviews of new legal research publications, articles on significant scientific conferences on the problems of state and law are published in the “Law and State” journal.

All the materials submitted for publication should meet the following requirements: 

1. Articles should contain the results of original research in the field of state and law, previously unpublished and not intended for publication elsewhere. The author is obliged to inform the editorial board when submitting articles and other materials whether they were published or submitted for publication to other journals.

2. Articles are published in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. In the beginning of the article the author should put his/her initials and surname (in case the article was translated – the details about a translator as well), degree, academic rank, position, department, university, other information about the author’s work, city and country. After the author's surname – the title of the article, three annotations (at least 5-8 sentences) in Russian, Kazakh and English (with translation of the surname, initials of the author’s name and middle name and title of the article). The annotation must contain the relevance of the topic, the scope and aim of research, methods, novelty and main results of the study. After each annotation 10 keywords in the corresponding language must be listed.

3. Article of 8-12 A4-sized pages should be typed in Microsoft Word text editor, Times New Roman, font size 14, single space, and contain three to four subsections. Articles of more than 12 pages are to be approved by the chief editor.

4. Footnotes in the article must be paged, with continuous numeration. References to sources of mentioned statistics, legal instruments, including international and domestic ones. At the end of the article bibliography listing main academic literature regarding the research question, as well as up-to-date one (in its original language with Latin transliteration) must be provided. Editors of the “Law and State” suggest that authors use comparative legal material regarding the foreign experience, explore publications on related subjects in our journal (see the journal archive) and include the authors they need in their bibliography. Bibliography and notes issued in accordance with GOST State Standards. When referring to web sources the author, title of the text, website, its URL and retrieval date should be mentioned.

5. At the end of the article the author(s) must write down a statement reading “The article is published for the first time”, put the date and signature(s). The following information about the author(s) must also be included: surname, name and patronymic, email address, contact phone number.

6. An electronic version of the article, the author’s photo (artistic to documentary is preferred), along with the scanned last page, must be submitted to the editorial staff. 

7. Submitted articles go through a double-blind peer review by the editorial board without revealing the review to the author. The editorial board has the right to reject articles that it deems do not meet the requirements of the journal. The author (authors) takes (take) responsibility for errors, inaccuracies of scientific and factual character. In case of revision of the article by  request of the editorial board, the date of submission is considered the date of submission of the final version of the article. If the article is rejected, the editorial board reserves the right not to debate on rejection. Submitted materials will not be returned to the author.

8. Applicants, graduate (master’s and PhD) students, if the article was not specifically requested for publication, submit articles providing a review from his/her research advisor or Doctor of Laws. Then submitted articles go through a double-blind peer review in accordance with the rules.

9. Reprints of articles are not distributed; the remuneration to authors is not paid. The journal does not charge a publication fee. The author of a published article is entitled to receive an electronic copy of the journal.

10. Links to our journal in case of reprint or citation is required.


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