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  • Problems of the theory of State and Law
  • Protection of human rights and  freedom
  • Law, policy and political institutions
  • Law and political systems of foreign countries
  • International law
  • International law and international organizations
  • Problems of Eurasian integration
  • Constitutional control
  • State service in the conditions of globalization
  • Modernization of law enforcement system
  • National security Problems of Administrative Law and Public Administration
  • Stateandspaceactivity
  • Law and migration policy
  • Social Security Law
  • Problems of housing legislation
  • Financial law
  • The fight against crime
  • Penal law
  • History of the state and law
  • Philosophy of law
  • History of political and legal thought
  • From the history of law science and law education
  • Interesting facts about state and law
  • Conferences, round tables
  • Literature review
  • Summer schools, Universities
  • Olympiad and competitions
  • Presentations
  • Welcome from the Chief Editor
  • Social modernization and law
  • Administrative Law and Public Administration
  • Business Law
  • Criminal law 
  • Criminaland procedural law 
  • Development of judicial system 
  • Tax law
  • State, law and globalization
  • Legislating and scientific expertise
  • Environmental Law
  • Legal Education: International Experience
  • Informational Security
  • The speech of chief editor
  • Congratulations of the members of the Editorial Board
  • KazGUU: history
  • Problems of Administrative Law and Public Administration
  • Criminal process
  • Legal policy and educational law
  • Problems of Forensic Science

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