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Scientific articles, notes, reports on the results ofresearch in variousfields of law, reviews of newlegalresearchpublications, articles on significantscientific conferenceson the problems ofstate and law are published in the journal"The Law and the State".
All the materials submitted for publication should meet the following requirements: 

1. To contain the results of original research in the field of state and law, previously unpublished and not intended for publication elsewhere. The author is obliged to inform the editorial board when submitting articles and other materials - whether they were published or presented in other publications.

2. Articles are published in Kazakh, Russian and English languages. In the beginning of the article the author should put initials and surname of the author (s) and in the first link - degree, academic rank, position, department, university, other information about the location of the author, city and country. After the author's name - the name of the article, 3 annotations (5-8 lines) in Russian, Kazakh and English (with translation names, initials of the author and title of the article). After each annotation - 10 keywords in the appropriate language.

3. Article with the volume 7-10 A4 pages should be typed in Microsoft Word text editor, Times New Roman, font size 14, single space. Articles of more than 10 pages are coordinated with the chief editor.

4. Footnotes in the article - paged, with continuous numeration. Bibliography is at the end of the paper - 10 - 15 names of basic literature on the subject, including the latest. Editors of "The Law and the State" journal strongly recommends to explore publications on related subjects in our journal (see archive) and include the authors you need in bibliography.Bibliography and notes issued in accordance withState Standard GOST. When referring to Internet resources the author, title of the text, source material, full e-mail address, date should be mentioned.

5. At the end of the article there should be a record, "first published article", date and signature of the author (s). The information about the author (s): name, surname, patronymic completely, e-mail address, telephone contact numbers go with an electronic version of the article, the author's photo and illustrations.

6. Articles are reviewed by the editorial board of the internal representation without giving a notice to the authors of articles. The Editorial Board has the right to reject articles that it believes do not meet the requirements of the journal. Author (authors) take(s) responsibility for scientific and factual errors, inaccuracies. In the case of revision of the article by the request of the editorial board, the date is the date of receipt of the final edited version. If the article is rejected, the editorial board reserves the right not to debate on rejection. Received materials are non-refundable.

7. Applicants, undergraduates, doctorates and candidates of sciences, if the article was not specifically ordered, submit articles for consideration by the editorial board with reviews at least of two independent scientists on the subject of the article (not out of the number of members of the editorial board and the editorial collegium), including - supervisor or D.Sc.

8. In the editorial board article is passed on A4 paper and in electronic form in one file on the CD with all necessary applications in electronic form.

9. Reprints of articles are not distributed; the fee is not paid to authors. Fee for publication will not be charged from the authors. The author of a published article entitled to receive one copy of the edition of the journal free of charge.

10. Links to our publishing house at a reprint is required.



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