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Journal «The Law and the State»
KAZGUU University 
(Astana, The Republic of Kazakhstan)

Scientific juridical journal "The Law and the State" has been published since 1997. Scientific articles, notes, reports on the results of research in various areas of law, reviews of new legal research publications, articles about important scientific conferences on problems of state and law are published here in the journal.

The journal is one of the leading scientific juridical journals in Kazakhstan, the founder is the Kazakh Humanities and Law University (KazHLU) – flagship of juridical education in Kazakhstan

The journal covers fundamental and applied questions of law science: philosophy of law, theory and history of state and law, history of political and law doctrines, international public and private law, comparative law studies, constitutional law, administrative law and public administration, civil law and litigation, labor law, environmental law, criminal law and criminology, criminal procedure, the problems of other fields of the law, as well as the history of jurisprudence and law education. They are reflected in the articles of the leading Kazakhstani and foreign authors, articles meet the requirements of novelty, relevance, fundamental results and practical value.

Among the foreign authors of the journal "The Law and the State" in 2013 are: Starilov Yu.N. – Doctor of Law, Professor (Russia), Avakyan S.A. – Doctor of Law, Professor (Russia), Howard Schweber – PhD (the USA), Sturma P. – prof., JUDr, DrSc., (Czech Republic), Saidov A.H. – Doctor of Law, Professor (Uzbekistan), Marchenko M.N. – Doctor of Law, Professor (Russia), Tanchev E. – Ph.D., professor (Republic of Bulgariaс), Beniamino Caravita di Toritto – Professor (Roma) Costei E. – (Republica Moldova), Troshchinskiy P. – candidate of juridical science (Russia), Medvedev V. – doctor of law, сandidate of historical sciences (Russia), Slavica Baniс – PhD candidate (Republic of Croatia), Bondar N.– doctor of law, professor (Russia), Oliynyk A. – candidate of juridical science (Ukraine), Moiseev A.– doctor of law, professor (Russia), Timoshina E. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Belyaev V. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Chirkin V. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Sinelnikova V.– doctor of law, professor (Russia), Valkova E. – PhD candidate (Ukraine), Troshchinskiy P. – PhD candidate (Russia), Belykh V. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Gagik Harutyunyan – doctor of law, professor (Republic of Armenia) Jacques Attali – professor of Economics, Zorkin Z. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), H. E. Abdul Wahab Abdul – Doctor Ph.D (United Arab Emirates), Permyakov Y. –  PhD candidate (Russia), Lapina M. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Ponkin I. – professor (Russia), Sukhanov Y. – doctor of law, professor (Russia), Vasilevich G. – doctor of law, professor (Byelorussia), Vasilevich S. – PhD candidate (Byelorussia), Mykhailenko D. – PhD candidate (Ukraine), Goloskokov L – doctor of law, docent (Russia), Kleandrov M. – doctor of law, professor  (Russia), Latyshov I. – PhD candidate (Russia), Dronova О. – PhD candidate, docent (Russia), Usov А. – Doctor of Law, professor (Russia), Aminev F. – PhD candidate, docent (Russia), Peter JUZA – Doctor of Philosophy, PhD in Politics (Slovak Republic),  Filipova I. – PhD candidate, docent (Russia), Rozhdestvenskaya T. – Doctor of Law, professor (Russia), Guznov A. – PhD candidate (Russia), Grushin F. – PhD candidate (Russia) and others.

The journal is registered at the ISSN International Centre in Paris both as printed and electronic publication. In accordance with the Certificate number 7742-Zh from September 25, 2006 the journal "The Law and the State" KazHLU is registered at the Committee of Information and Archives of the Ministry of Culture and Information.

The journal "The Law and the State" is included to the Informational base of "The National Center for Scientific and Technical Information of the Republic of Kazakhstan", as well since 2013 - Russian Science Citation Index, IPRbooks.

KazGUU journal "Law and State" is included into the list of recommended editions for publication of scientific results.
In accordance with the order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science, Ministry of Education and Science # 1142 from July 11, 2014 journal "Law and State" is included in the "List of scientific publications recommended by the Committee for publication of scientific results."

Over 20 years of its development the University, which publishes the journal, changed the name four times: Kazakh State Law Institute (1994-1996, Almaty), Kazakh State Law University (1996-2000, Almaty), Kazakh State Law Academy (2000-2001, Almaty); Kazakh Humanities and Law University (KazHLU since 2001, Astana).

Throughout the years, the chief editor of the journal "The Law and the State" were:

Uvarov V.N. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 1997-1998;

Maulenov K.S. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 2001 - 2002;

Zhirenchin K.A. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 2003;

Toleubekova B.H. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 2003-2004;

Mindagulov A.Kh. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 2004-2006;

Baimakhanov M.T.-M. - Doctor of Law, Professor, academician of NAS RK - 2006-2010;

Kogamov M.Ch. - Doctor of Law, Professor - 2010-2012;

Udartsev S.F. - Doctor of Law, Professor, Director of the Research Institute of Legal Policy and constitutional legislation of KazHLU since 2013.

The Editorial Collegium consists of the leading professors and associate professors from KazHLU. The Editorial Board is composed of law enforcement administrators of Kazakhstan, famous scientists of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

The purpose of the journal is to promote legal science and scientists of Kazakhstan and of Kazakh Humanities and Law University, as leader of legal education in Kazakhstan and one of the centers of legal science, due to selection of qualitative staff of national and foreign authors, reviewers, members of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Collegium, actualization of the journal and its materials, its transformation into international law journal, and its inclusion in foreign scientometric system.

The journal "The Law and the State" is published once a quarter, materials are published in Russian, Kazakh and English languages. The Journal is included in the catalog of subscriptions JSC "KazPost", "Astana press" LLP, "Evrika press" for 2017 and it is distributed to all regions of Kazakhstan. The index for individual subscription: 75762, index for Organizations: 25762. It is distributed to the leading libraries and universities of Kazakhstan, CIS and other countries.

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